Does your 'festively plump' wallet seem a little more like skinny by June?

And finding budget for your product photography is a little taxing?

That's no way to live!

Grab a pre-puchase photography package now from Sweetshute...while you're rolling in it!

Old Way of getting your photos done

βœ… plump with cash after Christmas sales

βœ… plan marketing activities for the year

βœ–οΈ it's time to get product shots done, but you've spent your budget on those 'other' things

βœ–οΈ run around trying to find a super cheap photographer who will do an amazing job

βœ–οΈ it takes you forever and drives you crazy

βœ–οΈ not happy with the results, but they have to do

βœ–οΈ end up taking photos yourself

New Way of getting your photos done

βœ… plump with cash after Christmas sales

βœ… plan photo number of product shoots

βœ… pre-purchase photo shoots

βœ… book your products in for their shoot

βœ… plan marketing activities for the year

βœ… send your products to Sweetshute

βœ… breathe a sigh of relief

βœ… you just made your life easier

This is not your first year in business.

Stop reacting and start responding.

Check out our pre-purchase packages

Photo Packages

Need some photos NOW?

Want photos on an ongoing monthly basis?

Take a look at my photo packages

Custom Photos

Don't want a package or need something custom?

Maybe you want to come be part of the shoot? Or maybe you want your product photos taken on location?

Just get in contact and we can work something out.

My base rate is $100/hr for custom shoots.


Every brand has a story to tell. Let us tell yours, with a professionally shot and beautifully edited video, to really help your brand stand out from the crowd.


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